DOT Physical

For those holding a commercial driver's license, you may be required to obtain a Department of Transportation physical. Because this line of work of safety-sensitive, it is imperative for drivers to have regular health exams. At a DOT physical you can expect a vision exam (please wear glasses or contacts if used), blood pressure check, and assessment of all major body systems including; heart, lungs, neurologic status, ears/nose/throat, and spine health. Be prepared to discuss your medical history, current medications, and mental health. There is also a drug and alcohol screening at this time. Your exam will performed be by a licensed medical professional who will determine if you are medically fit for duty. Keeping you and our roadways safe is of high priority to the community

Worker's Compensation

Your employer likely has an insurance policy that will pay for medical treatment should you be injured on the job. This policy covers doctor visits, surgery, hospital stays, therapy, and any other required treatment as a result of your injury. The policy may also reimburse you for lost wages. If you are hurt on the job, it is imperative that you speak with you employer immediately following the accident to ensure your coverage. Worker's Compensation protects you and your employer from financial ruin as the result of a work-related accident.

EMS Service

Emergency Medical Services is your ambulance and paramedic service. This service allows licensed paramedics to treat and stabilize urgent medical needs outside the hospital, with the intent of transporting you to definitive care. You activate EMS services when you dial 9-1-1 in the event of a medical emergency. EMS services also have the capacity to transport you from a rural hospital setting to a higher level of care if needed.